Taryan Manifesto Tower

November 28, 2019 Commercial

Taryan manifesto Tower

Client: Taryan Group

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Coast: 35 million dollars


The fast pace of population growth in Kiev, Ukraine continuously causing the need of new residential developments to accommodate new comers. Altered economy and changing society are a major challenge for the developers. TMT development will play a key role in the quest for a new solution to these challenges (design, cost and efficiency).

The extreme dedication was used in locating the site, which is easily accessible to most of the city (Kiev) to become the home of international culture and modern designed buildings. TMT Development is a symbol of growing culture in Ukraine Identity committing to its resident and reflecting a unique contemporary environment that delivers livings as a transformative experience for all people, irrespective of their origins. Avision for a better future for the city development, with hopes of becoming a beacon of design and creativity.


TMT will accommodate residential up to 30 stories high where the first two floors above ground and lower ground floor are used for residential and F&B with four stories of underground parking approximately 50,000 sq,m of saleable area.