November 3, 2020 Multipurpose Complex



Cost: 6 Billion USD (first phase)


Make the biggest impact in Africa
AKONCITY is an extension of the sea into the land with waves diving deep into the roots of each building, making it dance on the music of AKON to celebrate the rise of AKONCITY reflecting nothing but happiness bringing no less than success.

AKONCITY Future development evolves with a circumstance of its community and the identity of the present and future vision reflecting the government approach and the need for the end-user realistically becomes the evolution of the next generation. Environmentally and smart approach design of the city well self-sustained, green-designed structure sets the standards of future cities

AKONCITY project seeks to address the need for vibrant new community development, with a vision to create a Business district, residential districts (high-rise) education district, healthcare district, technology district, Media district, entertainment district, and sports facilities with a recreational enclave for the surrounding area to address the market need for the development in Senegal.